Mediation Ground Rules

  • Parties allow the mediator to lead the process.
  • Parties agree to speak one at a time and not interrupt each other.
  • Parties agree to listen to each other and to try to understand what the other is saying.
  • Parties agree to fully and honestly, disclose all relevant information they have about the issues being mediated.
  • Parties recognize that even if they do not agree with it, each is entitled to their own perspective.
  • Parties agree to use appropriate language.
  • Parties will not blame, attack, or engage in put-downs and will ask questions of each other for the purposes of gaining clarity and understanding only.
  • Parties will speak up if something is not working for them in mediation.
  • Parties will request a break when they need to.
  • If a Party chooses to withdraw from the mediaiton they will meet with the mediator in private before leaving.


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